Your career

Great change for you

It takes determination, energy and talent to make it to the top of the legal profession. Rest assured, our first-rate training, and many, many opportunities to make an impact, will help you to get there. Whatever you want from your career, Linklaters is the best place to start.

Linklaters is widely established as a firm fully committed to providing its people with a supportive, collaborative and rewarding working environment. We have achieved this position by actively seeking out innovative and engaging HR strategies that deliver real results – both professionally and personally.

Our diverse HR team continuously strives to introduce a dynamic, innovative and proactive HR culture where top talent is nurtured, encouraged and destined for success.

Investing in you

All Junior Associates and Associate lawyers at Linklaters have access to exceptional training and development. Because demanding clients need lawyers at the very top of their game.

The New Lawyer Global Orientation Programme

All of our new lawyers around the world start their career on this four-day course in London. It provides the entry-level training you need, as well as valuable international networking opportunities. The focus is on enhancing your skills as a lawyer, rather than pure theory, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to put your knowledge into practice. Designed in conjunction with the College of Law, London, the Programme centres on a simulated transaction. From project and business management to legal research and drafting, this hands-on, practical training covers the key technical aspects of our work. With direct access to the shared knowledge and experiences of Partners from across the world, you'll build your legal skills and prepare for the reality of life in a global law firm.

Linklaters Law & Business School

You can also look forward to continuous training and development throughout your career, via on-the-job learning and the Linklaters Law & Business School. The School was developed in partnership with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions, including Harvard Law School, the University of Cambridge and London Business School. In one holistic, continuous syllabus, we’ve combined business skills and technical knowledge, for the rounded expertise you need – we make sure that you acquire knowledge and develop your skills on an ongoing, comprehensive and engaging basis so that you are always confident to handle any challenges you face. And as well as milestone programmes from Trainee to Partner level, we run curricula for each of your career stages, delivering content regularly, wherever you are in the world.

Career-long learning

We’re committed to continuous professional development throughout your career, through both formal and on-the-job learning. You’ll develop your technical, commercial and management skills.

You’ll work with, and learn from, leading experts in their fields, all supported by training from the Linklaters Law & Business School.

In return, we’ll expect you to seek out opportunities proactively, learning every day, and sharing your knowhow with colleagues. Because it's everyone's responsibility to keep Linklaters ahead.