Why join

The right choice

We believe what makes us stand out as an employer, is the attention we give to training and support. We offer the fully-rounded programme you need to rapidly develop your understanding of commercial law, and your skills, and become a successful lawyer.

If you're a talented and ambitious student, our first-rate training and many opportunities to make an impact, will help you reach the top of the profession.

You'll work through our carefully designed training programme, developing the skills you need to be a top-notch lawyer, in a friendly and supportive environment, and learn from colleagues who are leaders in their practice areas.

At the same time, you'll be trained in time management, negotiation and presentation skills. The Training Contract* allows you to combine work and study so that theoretical studies are complemented with invaluable practical experience and coaching.


*this opening is addressed to law students and recent graduates of law faculties of duly accredited Russian universities