Drive, intelligence, and a collaborative attitude - these are the traits that make you a good fit for Linklaters.

The main impact I make at the firm is to ensure that our customers feel their voice is heard, and their needs are responded to. To do so, I need to both fully understand and fully support customer demands.

I grew up on a farm in the Midwest of the United States of America, and stayed close to home when I went to university. There I studied mathematics with an emphasis on computer science. I started my career as tech support - the guy at the end of a phone line - before moving on to end user support.

It was in this role that I met my future wife, and together we left America to start a new life in France. It was a new language, and new experiences to look forward to. I started off again IT support jobs until I found employment with Linklaters in Luxembourg. My English was an advantage here.

I knew nothing about the firm at the time, but my first interviews and visit to the office made a great impression. It looked like a high-quality, serious place - and somewhere I wanted to be. I joined on a full-time basis, before deciding to go part-time. After taking a break from my career during my children’s early years, I was approached by Linklaters again to see if I would be interested in returning.

I knew the people and the company, and I felt it was a great opportunity to step back onto my professional path. When I returned, everything seemed so familiar. But there was a greater sense of diversity than during my earlier time at Linklaters. And the technology demand has definitely become more important.

My best moment so far? It has to be attending a technology retreat in Warsaw. Our teamwork exercise was challenging, and we faced several constraints - but it was exciting to overcome the obstacles and reach our goal.

I enjoy working with my immediate team, they're very supportive and we have a good laugh together. A lot of effort and time goes into organising a wide range of after work activities and social events. We're encouraged to together outside of office hours and I very much appreciate that.

In the wider business sense, the Technology team is very focused on working together and developing solutions that will keep us innovative, and always moving forward.

To do so, it's important to find uninterrupted time for the Technology team to stay on top of our training and development needs. The better trained we are, the greater our knowledge - and the stronger our ability to react quickly and efficiently.

Technology touches all aspects of our lives. And it's playing an increasingly crucial role at Linklaters. So it's never been more important to make sure that we're not only maximizing the introduction of solutions - but we're also maximising the support on offer.