I’m originally from Hong Kong SAR, but I went to boarding school in Sydney, Australia. There, I studied law and started my legal career. In 2008 I joined Linklaters in London, before transferring back to Hong Kong SAR three years later.

What makes this firm different is the people. While we all have extremely high expectations of each other, colleagues are very understanding. The rare combination of success, confidence, and humanity is what makes the people at Linklaters special.

We genuinely enjoy working with each other to deliver success for the firm. It’s a place where I feel I belong. We often socialise together and routinely go out for lunch or drinks after work.

Delivering the financial return is obviously a big part of what I do here. It’s all about achieving successful outcomes for clients in the least painful way, from a perspective of time, effort and cost. There’s a lot of satisfaction when clients are appreciative of your hard work.

At the same time, my job is to serve as a bridge between senior management and junior lawyers. It’s important to ensure that colleagues are happy, morale is high, and everyone feels like they’re learning.

If you’re embarking on a career in law, know that you’re expected to work hard. Don’t be discouraged by your mistakes. They’re learning points, and we all make them. As long as you work hard and give everything your best shot, you can be proud of your achievements.