After training and qualifying in Australia, I joined Linklaters as an Associate in London in the Financial Regulation Group. Working in the Financial Regulation Group is a thoroughly rewarding experience. It’s the right mix of intellect and application. We assist the world’s largest financial participants in responding to regulatory issues across a broad range of topics. No two matters are the same and each presents a different set of issues to be tackled.


A number of things attracted me to the firm initially – its reputation in the market, the quality of the work, and its inclusive environment, to name a few. They make Linklaters discernibly different and provide for a rewarding career.


Many years after I initially joined, I now find myself in Hong Kong as a Counsel, and as I have grown more senior, the qualities that initially attracted me to the firm have been reinforced and in many respects grown in stature. A career in private practice requires diligence and determination, but it isn’t hard to stay motivated, we work hard, but we help each other in equal measure too.


Part of my role as a senior lawyer is to invest in the firm and its junior lawyers in the same way that it did for me. This cycle of intergenerational equity ensures the success of the firm and helps it deliver for its clients and its people.