I grew up in Bangkok and trained and qualified in London before moving to work in Tokyo. And I’m currently on secondment in Hong Kong SAR. So I’ve moved around quite a lot. Having worked at two other law firms, I feel that although many law firms strive to be a global practice, Linklaters is able to really put this into practice.

The integration across practice areas and geographic networks is impressive. At any moment someone in the network always feels just a phone call away, no matter the nature or urgency of the query. And as someone who was originally based in the Tokyo office but now works in Hong Kong SAR, one way I have a positive impact is as a bridge between the two teams.

My favourite aspect of working at Linklaters is being part of such a global and talented team. Despite being a collection of diverse people from different backgrounds and cultures, there’s a consistent outlook across the entire global network, which makes life a lot easier. There’s no one ‘type’ of person at Linklaters, but everyone (whether fee-earner, business developer, Marketer, HR professional, secretary or support staff) is very driven and takes their personal responsibility seriously.