I joined Linklaters as a summer associate in the New York and Washington DC offices, re-joining the Firm as an associate in 2020. After spending time in the general practice pool, I am a Finance associate in the New York office.


One of the things I’ve most appreciated about Linklaters is that senior attorneys have taken an active interest in helping me improve my skills and develop my career. Partners, counsel, and senior associates all take the time to explain matters to junior associates and give juniors many opportunities to engage directly with clients.


The environment at the firm is very friendly, international and diverse. Linklaters hires people from all over the world, with all kinds of backgrounds. The one unifying thread is open-mindedness and kindness. 


At the end of my first year at Linklaters, I had the privilege of doing a secondment at a major investment bank. Everybody at the bank was extremely kind and appreciative. I was able to develop really strong relationships there, and it has been easy and enjoyable to maintain those relationships now that I am back at the firm and we are no longer working side by side every day. Going out to lunch, getting coffee, happy hours—it’s not just meeting with clients, it’s meeting with friends.