It's really important we don’t forget to have some fun, even in the eye of the storm.

Perhaps my most enjoyable moment was when we were working to some very tight deadlines, with a lot of parties involved, and a lot of pressure. But we took a break just to eat and talk about anything other than work, let go of stress and laugh.

It's typical of the firm: you really feel part of a team. We work hard, but we also relax together. We get together often, even across offices, whether for training at lunchtime, coffee, evening or client events. Linklaters organises at least one global retreat a year where you meet colleagues from all over.

I joined the summer internship in 2014. Compared to other internships, the atmosphere was different. People really took the time to explain the entire transaction to me and invited me to collaborate. By the end of the month, I felt part of the team. And that sense of being invested in and valued has continued. I have a crucial role in the fascinating, large and complex transactions of the Corporate department.

Being part of a bigger and global law firm really pays off when it comes to the practical support on offer. There was an elaborate, detailed training programme support during the summer internship, including presentations from all the practice groups in the Belgium offices and some very useful skills workshops. Training is global too, so offices from around the world meet up in London. The culture can be described as very open and diverse. We enjoy travelling and getting to know each other. And we get incredible support from secretaries, paralegals, front of house, HR or IT. Their knowledge is astonishing.