Your application

Getting to know each other

We offer many ways to join us and, just as importantly, to help you achieve your goals. From short internships to our exceptional Trainee programme* which kicks off every May, Linklaters is the ideal place to further your career.



Applications are accepted – and welcomed – all year round. And we aim to make applying straightforward. We take great care when screening applications to ensure we make the right decision at every stage. Then we give every applicant feedback based on current opportunities.

We understand that applying may feel like hard work. But we'll do everything we can to make it an enjoyable experience. Remember that it’s much less stressful if you prepare and know what you want to get out of it. So, ask questions, allow time to think, and do your research.

And you don't need to decide where to apply right away. Talk to us, find out more about what we do and what we can do for you. Remember too, that selection is a mutual process that requires effort on both sides.


The application process

You can apply online here, attaching your CV and a cover letter. Both should be written in English.

In your CV you should include: your degree and year of graduation, academic interests, course paper topics, work experience, as well as seminars, conferences and competitions that you’ve taken part in, and any publications you’ve written.


Your cover letter should explain your motivations for joining Linklaters and what you can bring to the firm. We also want to know all about your skills and experience. So use examples from university or work that highlight these. Explain how you contributed personally, and the impact you had.


Before putting fingers to keyboard, make sure you’re clear in your own mind. Why have you chosen Linklaters? Why do you want to become a commercial lawyer? What is it that excites you about our work?


Then throughout the recruitment process, take every opportunity to demonstrate your many skills. These should include: commercial awareness, communication, intellect, teamwork, an excellent knowledge of the Russian Civil Code and corporate law, knowledge of the English language, the ability to apply legal knowledge to solve business cases, and your confidence in areas of academic interest.

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Or get in touch with us at Moscow HR.


*this opening is addressed to law students and recent graduates of law faculties of duly accredited Russian universities