Your application

Getting to know each other

If you’re considering a career in law in Singapore, you don’t need to decide where to apply right away. Talk to us to find out more about what we do and what we can do for you. Come along to one of our events and ask us anything – we’ll always give you a straight answer.

First things first

If you’re applying to one of our Schemes, you’ll need to have a strong academic track record. You’ll have a minimum GPA 4.0 (or equivalent) or you’ll be on track for a 2:1 degree, in any discipline. To find out when we’re coming to your university, join us on Facebook, WeChat or Twitter or explore the events page at


It’s all about you as an individual and what you can bring to our firm. So, throughout our recruitment process, we’re looking for you to show your personality as well as your commercial awareness, communication skills, drive, motivation, intellect, teamwork and attention to detail.

How to apply

Application starts with an online application form. It helps us get to know you a bit better, so we can see what sets you apart from other applicants. Use examples from university and work experience, and highlight your skills and achievements. Include anything you think is relevant, and explain your contribution. To apply for our 2019 Singapore Summer Vacation Scheme, please click here.

When applying, make sure you’re clear in your own mind why you have chosen Linklaters and why you want to become a commercial lawyer. What is it that really interests you about the work we do?


Before putting fingers to keys, make sure you’re clear in your own mind why you’ve chosen Linklaters and why you want to become a commercial lawyer. What is it that excites you about the work we do? Also, attention to detail is an essential skill for a lawyer, so check thoroughly for grammar and spelling errors.

The critical thinking test

After you’ve submitted your application form, we’ll also ask you to take this test of your critical and logical thinking. We recommend checking out the practice version on the Pearson website here:


Selection is a mutual process. You need to decide whether we’re right for you at the same time as we’re finding out more about you. So allow time to think and do your research. And if you have any questions, or reasonable adjustments you may need to meet your individual circumstances, you can contact us at

It’s our business, to know business

Because business matters to our clients, it matters to us. So we’ll expect you to be interested in the commercial world and the issues that affect both our clients and our firm. Before you come to interview, we recommend you pick one or two key business or legal news stories that interest you. Then we’d like you to follow them for at least a couple of weeks, so you’re ready to discuss them with us. Some good places to start include BBC News Business, Business Week or The Economist, and broadsheet newspapers. There are also a range of commercial awareness books available.