Your career

Great change for you

It takes determination, energy and talent to make it to the top of the legal profession. Rest assured, our first-rate training, and many, many opportunities to make an impact, will help you to get there. 

Aim high

Development isn't all about job titles. And new joiners are often surprised at the exposure that’s possible at Linklaters. You'll hone your skills on high-profile, challenging projects, working with brilliant colleagues, including our Partners: renowned leaders in their specialist areas. And our size and success mean you’ll have an unrivalled choice as you develop. As our business evolves, so will you, seeing you quickly become an invaluable asset to the firm.


As part of an international network, we can offer our lawyers secondments ranging from six months to two years, in either a Linklaters office or in a client organisation. The experience will help you grow personally, as you build our teams.

Ongoing training

Ongoing training is vital to becoming a successful commercial lawyer. It's why at Linklaters, we are focused on learning and development throughout your career, both on-the-job and via the Linklaters Law & Business School, a bespoke, world-class educational framework. The School was developed in partnership with some of the world's most prestigious institutions, including Harvard Law School and the University of Cambridge. In one holistic syllabus, we've combined business skills and technical knowledge, for the rounded expertise you need. And as well as milestone programmes from Trainee to Partner level, much of our training is international.

As well as global initiatives with colleagues across the firm, you’ll take part in programmes, open to lawyers at all levels or, eventually, tailored on seniority and legal area of expertise, focused on the specific needs of our Italian practice. In both cases, we work with external, first-rate professionals who – alongside our Partners – offer the highest standard of technical expertise and commercial advice. Theory is combined with softer skills training – in areas such as communication, client management and business negotiation – to reflect the commercial demands of your work. Simply put, you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge you need to tackle our complex, multi-jurisdictional work, and see your personal development bloom.


Support to reach your goals

Our K&L team is made up of professionals in the legal sector, with a wealth of experience in document management, data and information processing, content development and internal and external corporate communications. We offer various services to lawyers and trainees, with the aim to develop people capabilities, now and in the future. Legal updates and press releases on hot topics are provided daily, together with case-law and legislative notices. Resources are available to help lawyers and trainees in their day-to-day role: our library contains more than 5,000 books and around 50 subscriptions to legal periodicals, the most popular law databases can be easily accessed for research and reporting, other tools and internal systems are also available to enable people to work efficiently in delivering quality services to our clients.