How to be an effective communicator

Communication and presenting is something that we can all find challenging at times, so much so that 75% of us have a fear of public speaking! The past 18 months has certainly added some extra complexity; what was once face to face has been changed and adapted to screen to screen, and our communication style has needed to adapt with it. Making sure that you’re holding the room can seem tricky; and on top of that, we are now having to consider how we hold the room, virtually! Although there are a couple of extra things we need to consider in the virtual context, it only takes a couple of key things to pull your communication style from good to great.

Join Kate Bell and Felicity Sparkes, members of the Learning & Development team at Linklaters for a whistle-stop tour of effective communication, where you will receive tips on how to communicate concisely and clearly, techniques to take your pitches and presentations to the next level, appreciate how to make a memorable and lasting impression (particularly in a remote context) and acquire strategies for asking and dealing with (sometimes difficult!) questions.

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