I’m currently an Associate with the Banking/Capital Markets at Linklaters Amsterdam. I started my career as a Junior Associate after studying at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Before joining, I interned at a reputable Dutch firm to get acquainted with the legal profession. It was enjoyable, yet it lacked the international character I was after.

After discussing my ambitions with several lawyers at Linklaters, I found exactly what I was looking for. I really appreciate the no-nonsense mentality at Linklaters. We want to be best in the commercial legal field. Working here means getting involved in very high-profile deals and the learning curve is steep. You’re often thrown in at the deep end, but at the same time Associates and Partners are always ready to guide you if you have any questions.

The culture is focused on inclusion and making everybody part of the team. We truly believe this will enable us to deliver the best quality of work for our clients. There are also plenty of social opportunities. For example, I organise the annual soccer tournament for Linklaters Amsterdam, competing with our various European offices. Each year, we travel to a different city. It’s an ideal way to get to know your international colleagues.

We also organise various events to develop and maintain relationships with clients. It’s important for Trainees to become client focused from an early stage. In Amsterdam, we hold an annual event called the ‘Young Professionals Event’, and every Trainee can invite their friends and relatives.

I'd advise students embarking on a career in law to do an internship. It’s never too early to orientate yourself in the field and explore which legal profession and firm suits you best.