I’m a Malaysian, born and bred, but studied law at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom, before beginning my training contract with Linklaters in 2013. I’ve now been a Linklaters Associate for close to two years.

At the risk of sounding like a marketing brochure, the deals we work on are truly cutting-edge. Clients come to us with the most complex challenges because they know we have the capacity and experience to get the deal through in the most efficient way possible. This of course sometimes means long hours, but it’s also hugely satisfying when a deal is successfully closed. I’m an active contributor to a deal’s success. Often, I’m also the bridge between the client and senior members of the team, and I co-ordinate workstreams to ensure that all client issues are appropriately dealt with.

Apart from the work we do, the one single factor that sets us apart from the rest is our culture. The collaborative, collegiate environment in the firm is an excellent breeding ground for great lawyers. Every successful deal we do is the product of great teamwork. We take accountability very seriously, to ensure that the final work produced meets or exceeds client expectations. Being part of a collaborative team also helps more junior lawyers learn from seniors on the job – the best way to pick up good lawyering habits!

Linklaters places huge importance on learning and development. This is something I appreciate both as an individual and as a lawyer, and the courses I’ve attended through the Linklaters Law & Business School have been extremely beneficial to my personal and professional development. There are lunchtime seminars almost every day, and I like how I’m encouraged to always ask questions. Doors are always open and Partners encourage Associates to pop their heads round if there’s anything they want to talk about. We’re always told that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.