I enjoyed various roles in Technology for companies such as BAML, Barclays and Apple, before landing a role in Linklaters Singapore as their first ever IT Engineer. That was in 2014, and I haven’t looked back since.


When I first joined Linklaters, it was an exciting period, as technology was just becoming a big deal in the legal world. As the sole engineer, I was at the helm of the most important projects being rolled out to improve our IT infrastructure and systems. And today is just as exciting – there is never a dull moment in the Technology team, so I’m always keen to keep learning and improving.


There are so many opportunities for progression within the firm, and you are encouraged to achieve whatever career aspirations you may have. I’m currently part of the Global Talent Programme, which aims to teach and develop leadership skills. Through this programme, I have gained better commercial knowledge and I have built a strong network of global contacts.


As an organisation, Linklaters thrives on a culture of excellence and collaboration. Everyone aims to be the best-in-class, regardless of their role in the business, and the whole team are supportive.  


Linklaters is a very inclusive and social organisation. I have joined fun runs and competitive running relays, and we celebrate our victories with office drinks! Everyone turns up to these events in full team spirit, and there are no egos to deal with. We’re there to cheer for each other, and have fun. 


You will thrive here if you have a good balance of technical skills and personality. I’d encourage anyone to join Linklaters.