For lawyers looking to join a new firm, global deals are a very attractive prospect. But what exactly is a global deal? What’s involved? Well the truth is, there is no one definition of a global deal. We’re a global business, so our deals are hugely varied and, for me, the focus is on delivering the best outcome for clients.

Since joining Linklaters, nearly every deal I've worked on has featured a cross-border element. At one end of the scale, these were large scale multi-jurisdiction deals involving 20 countries or more. At the other are deals that, at first glance, appear to be solely UK-based. But even here, your key contact or counterpart can be based outside the UK. Ultimately, everything has a global aspect to it.

You can’t deliver a deal for your client by yourself! Every deal needs a team and, in Corporate, this is often across a number of practice areas or offices. A recent UK takeover involved 10 offices and more than 200 lawyers. And of course, our Associates are always closely involved with many aspects of the deal.

It's fortunate then, that picking up the phone to someone in our Hong Kong or New York offices is the same as talking to a colleague in another practice area here in London. This is the day-to-day of global deals and clients – we bring together global expertise and work closely with great people all around the world.