I was working as a civil engineer – until I decided to retrain as a solicitor, specialising in energy and infrastructure projects. While still working, I took the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL), then applied to Linklaters’ Vacation Scheme – from which I built a whole new career.


During the Training Contract with the firm, I worked on a broad range of energy and infrastructure projects. Not to mention, restructuring, insolvency and structured finance deals. And I have enjoyed developing my knowledge in each of these areas. In terms of in-house training, some of it was formal and some of it was on the job – but all of it was brilliant.


As for our people, they are all dedicated to achieving excellence in their work, while maintaining relationships with one another. When not working hard, there are lots of opportunities to connect or socialise. These include mentoring schemes, firm events, and company drinks at the end of each week.


If I were a student embarking on a career in law today, I would recommend doing thorough research, so you understand the industry you are interested in, and make sure you have a clear idea why you are taking this path. For me, it helped a lot talking to lawyers already in the industry, attending talks and events, and doing Linklaters’ Vacation Scheme.